URBAN SHUTTERBUG UK Black and white image of the back of artist Cat Taylor holding a spraycan infront of a concrete wall from Graffiti and Street Art Photographer Gavin Conwill

Inspired by the diverse & temporal nature of Graffiti and Street Art culture. Urban Shutterbug is a documentary project by photographer Gavin Conwill observing the protagonists and perception of this dynamic art revolution.

Originally from Sheffield, the city’s heritage influences Urban Shutterbug Photography, with sharp architectural angles mixed with an industrial colour palette. Documenting this temporary art culture inspires Conwill to showcase what so many miss, discovering a hidden beauty in the dismissed. Conwill’s growing reputation within the Graffiti/Street Art community has lead to commendations from Internationally renowned artists & opportunities to work at various UK events.

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For more about the photographer visit: Gavin Conwill Photography   

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