Records Broken at Derby JamRecord Turnout for Derby’s Spring Graffiti Jam.

Sunday 9th April, they decended upon the Midland’s city. Graffiti artists from across the UK coming together at Derby’s famous yard.

My intentions of an early start hampered negotiating the city during it’s annual marathon event. I arrived just before 10am, greeted by local artist & event organiser Timo excited by the weather & already large numbers. Some of the East Midland’s finest were already in attendance, including Dilk, Onga, Sire & members of the ILC crew.

As the day progressed, so did the numbers with artists representing Birmingham, Blackpool & Sheffield to name but a few. Nearly every panel in the yard got a fresh covering of paint, with over 90 artists enjoying the April sun.

To some, graffiti is seen as antisocial. On this wonderful spring day, that perception proved comprehensively naive as friends, familys & enthusiasts congregated to celebrate this vibrant art form. (Special thanks to Timo, Kyber & Posea for organising another fantastic jam).

The Yard, Derby, UK. April 2017

For Urban Shutterbug images from the event visit my website page : Derby Graffiti Jam.

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